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One of the strengths of our group is that we love to share. Aside from lobbying for better open data from the Government of Hong Kong, we also spend considerable time educating people about open data.

Look out for future meetings (known as meets), where you can listen to developers, government officials, activists, journalists and more–all of them working with or wanting to work with open data.

Meet.36: Legco visit

      Tuesday, November, 22 at 1:45pm. Add this event to your Google Calendar. See this event on Facebook Wanted a chance to visit Legco but never had the chance or didn't know when's the best time to go? Here's your chance! Hong Kong’s Legislative...

Meet.35: Data Data Data

Wednesday, November 2 at 7pm at Campfire CoWorking Space in Kennedy Town 4/F Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield, Kennedy Town We're going to work with data, and start building a repository for common public data. Data about land, public transportation,...

Meet.34: Open Data Tools

Let's showcase some tools we are working on to support open data in Hong Kong: A data warehouse for open data for the public; A projects database listing of open data projects; A(nother) Legco watch site, and more. If you also have a project, come show it to us. If... Crafting an Open Data Policy

It’s time to craft an open data policy for Hong Kong. Let’s learn from Taiwan, who are ranked #1 on the Global Open Data Index, with the work of TH Schee, mayoral advisor to the Taipei City Government.

Crowdsourcing the Smart City

A public lecture by visiting researcher Dr. Tomas Holderness entitled “Crowdsourcing the Smart City – New Methodologies for Participatory Mapping & Civic Co-Management of Urban Environments” in which Dr. Holderness will discuss his recent work at the Open Source Geospatial Lab at the University of Wollongong, including the award winning project Hacking the Human Genome

Taking Open Data to the Final Frontier: The Human Genome Genomics (DNA sequencing) is a Big Data science and is predicted by some to soon exceed the demands of all other Big Data domains such as astronomy, streaming video, and social media. Hong Kong is at the... Tracking & Transparency

The Open Data Index & are the focus of the September 2015 ODHK meet, with Rob Davidson and Guy Freeman presenting on these topics.