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Hong Kong’s parking data failure

Parking data is a good example of a key area in Hong Kong that the opening up of should be be able to help alleviate major problem in the city, but despite promise of real-time parking vacancies data from the government this currently is not a reality. Here we discuss the issue and some potential ways to solve it.

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Crowdsourcing the Smart City

A public lecture by visiting researcher Dr. Tomas Holderness entitled “Crowdsourcing the Smart City – New Methodologies for Participatory Mapping & Civic Co-Management of Urban Environments” in which Dr. Holderness will discuss his recent work at the Open Source Geospatial Lab at the University of Wollongong, including the award winning project

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Oped in SCMP: Open Data to Fix Academic Fraud

Last week the Open Science Working Group of ODHK had an Oped in South China Morning Post (SCMP) discussing issue of fighting academic fraud through use of Open Data. This is a particularly topical issue at the moment with recent scandals implicating many academics in...

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