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Working Groups Hacking the Human Genome

Taking Open Data to the Final Frontier: The Human Genome Genomics (DNA sequencing) is a Big Data science and is predicted by some to soon exceed the demands of all other Big Data domains such as astronomy, streaming video, and social media. Hong Kong is at the...

Oped in SCMP: Open Data to Fix Academic Fraud

Last week the Open Science Working Group of ODHK had an Oped in South China Morning Post (SCMP) discussing issue of fighting academic fraud through use of Open Data. This is a particularly topical issue at the moment with recent scandals implicating many academics in...

Research & Communications

The ODHK Research and Communications working group started in March, 2015 with the following objective: Identifying 4-5 active researchers and communication specialists and seeking both local and international funding for open data projects; Identifying participating...